Renegade Lead Generation System

Renegade Network Marketer Lead Generation System

Renegade Network Marketer-Learn How to Attract Prospects to You

If you have a network marketing business or a small business of any kind Renegade Network Marketer system is going to show you how to attract the right kind of people to you using the Internet.

If you don’t have a business yet, you’ll know exactly what to do to make money with whatever you decide to. Renegade Network Marketer will teach you how to grow a business by attracting interested customers and prospects no matter what kind of business you get involved with.

If you are already advanced in building your business and you are already attracting a constant flow of prospects to you and you have a team of network marketers in you mlm downline then you should use the Renegade Network Marketer to funnel your prospects and your team to get educated/trained and get moving forward like you are. Renegade Network Marketer is going to help you leverage your time and yourself  by positioning you as the expert and their guide.


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Renegade Network Marketer-Attract Prospects To You-Take it to the Nex Level!

Renegade Network Marketer lead generation system is set up for beginners who are getting started with Internet Attraction Marketing who are looking for a simple, easy to follow path to start seeing results as quickly as possible. If you are a beginner and you really want to get full understanding of this new model of building your Network Marketing business, this system will give you the best overview. You can Download the free Renegade version here.

Roxana is Renegade Network Marketer and Attraction Marketing Coach. Roxana is teaching Network Marketers from many different companies how to attract prospects to them and create a cash flow while building their MLM business. You can contact Roxana through

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The Renegade Network Marketer

By now you’ve probably heard of Ann Sieg and her highly acclaimed book, The Renegade Network Marketer.

The Renegade System is a gret tool to help you attract prospects to you. They don’t only show how to do the marketing, but also what to say and do as these prospects come to you.

If you have not read The Renegade Network Marketer e-book, you’ll have an opportunity to do it now.

Renegade Network Marketer helps you put the “attraction marketing” concepts into action before the end of next week, without all the guesswork or trial and error.

Even if you’ve never heard about attraction marketing before in your life, you’re in luck because this is the first time anyone has offered the kind of tools and step-by-step instruction you’ll need to get going quickly.

Renegade Network Marketer builds you up in stages at first, there’s no need for you to fuss with putting together lead capture pages, auto-email campaigns or the other necessary tools. They’re provided.

But as you advance, your campaigns and tools can be modified by you, and you can create variations of your own system, so your system grows with your knowledge and skill.

This is very unique, it’s all here to empower you to take your business as far as you want it to go with attraction marketing.

There is a huge migration taking place in network marketing from the ‘old school’ of MLM to this new model of attraction based marketing.

The Renegade Network Marketer positions you in front of millions of people who are (or will soon be) seeking guidance in the new model. Renegade Network Marketer gives you the tools and know-how to jump in successfully. You’ll be ideally positioned to attract other network marketers to you as if you’d been at it for years.

You can build your team with quality prospects who come to you, who already know network marketing and are searching for a business opportunity.

You can attract large numbers. You can have them literally paying you to get onto your prospects list because you’ll truly have something more to offer than just a ‘sales pitch’ or the same old song and dance your competitors are playing.

You’ll become a true solutions provider. Renegade Network Marketer shows you how.

While many people spend a lot of money to get ‘bad’ leads, the Renegade Network Marketer shows you how to get paid to build a list of incredible prospects. This completely removes the financial (and emotional) stress typically associated with building a network marketing business.

You can download the Renegade Network Marketer E-book here.

Roxana is an Internet & network marketing business coach. She is teaching Network Marketers from many different companies how to attract prospects to them and create a cash flow while building their MLM business. Roxana works with network marketers who seek a crash course in this new attraction-based marketing model. You’ll obtain the tools and know-how that get your team up and running fast while positioning you as the expert. If you are not attracting prospects who want to partner with you, contact Roxana through:

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The Biggest Network Marketing Myth

Ever since I discovered the concept of “attraction marketing,” I’ve become a student again, constantly studying e-book after e-book to gain valuable information to pass on to others. One of my favorite ones is Ann Seig’s 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, I just couldn’t wait to share what I’ve learned form this great free resource. And those are some of the biggest myths of network marketing.

I’ll be sharing these myths with you over the next week or two, in the hopes that you will pass them on to your downline, so that together, we can stop the attrition and start creating millionaires!

Myth #1: Everyone Is Your Prospect

This belief is what fuled the “3-foot rule” that I just couldn’t bear to follow.

This myth causes folks to talk to every waitress, gas station attendant, Kinko’s clerk, stranger in the mall, you name it. This is the belief that everyone is a prospect.

Why is this myth? Think about it…

Not everyone is looking to start their own business.

Not everyone is your prospect. Not everyone has the time it takes to build a business. Some people don’t have the patience. Others don’t have the money. The fact is there are people in the world who want to own a business, and those that are happy with their 9 to 5 job. Other people just don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur…and that’s okay. As a society we need doctors, we need chefs, we need farmers, we need teachers. The point is, civilization works because of our diversity.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk to your warm market about your business, and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk with leads. It also doesn’t mean that people haven’t succeeded using the 3-Foot Rule, but, for me, those traditional methods never really worked. So, I turned to internet marketing.

Whether you are marketing face-to-face or on the internet, remember this: you don’t need to convince ANYONE to get into your business. It’s a waste of your time and energy. In fact, I am now building my business using this motto:

No one is worth my time until they’ve shown an interest in what I am offering.

It doesn’t matter how qualified you think a person is, or how great you think they would be at the business. Surprisingly, it isn’t even enough if a person wants to start their own business. Until they take action to get more information on how to do it, they’re nothing more than a bystander. They aren’t a player in the game, so they aren’t worth your valuable time and energy.

As a business owner, it isn’t your job to convert people into business owners. As business owners we need to get the maximum return for our time and effort. That means talking with people who are, for the most part, already on your same wave length. They believe in network marketing, and understand that the business is just that, a business, and not a job, which requires effort.

By following the “everyone is a prospect” mentality, you may be making things harder on yourself than need be. Why spend your valuable time trying to force a business down someone’s throat? Why do that when there are millions of people out there who want to start their own business, and who are willing to come to you for advice on how to build the business. They are the ones who deserve your time and attention. They are they are the true prospects.

And THAT is why the primary focus of an attraction marketing campaign is providing valuable information to others. If you are just quoting pre-printed material issued by your company, you aren’t offering value. Your prospects can read that for themselves. How can you get a person to join your team or company over another one? Well, the answer is two-fold:

First, by being visible on the Internet, because that is where people go for information.  If you are on page 56 of a Google search for your business, people can’t find you. If they can’t find you, they can’t ask you for your help.

Second, by offering your prospects valuable information that others aren’t. I’ve had prospects tell me that they would prefer to be on my team because I didn’t just try to make the quick close.

Through my articles people learn more about my business than through the glossy sales material everyone else is giving them. They want to be with the person that sets themselves apart from the rest of the pack.

So, how do you learn how to start an attraction marketing campaign? How do you get valuable information to give others? Renegade Network Marketer.

After reading the Renegade Network Marketer eBook you need to make sure that you truly become a student of success.

Stay tuned for Myth #2…

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How NOT To Prospect… Learn The Effective Way of Building Your Network Marketing Business

If you are a network marketer, it is my hope that this ugly experience will save you from making these fatal flaws in your business.

A week ago, I got phone call from someone pretending to be interested in joining my company. When I returned her phone call, she promptly told me that she too had looked into joining my company eight months ago.

I gulped- knowing that not only did this lady have no intention of joining my business, she wanted to sell me on joining a competing business. Worse than that, for the next 7 minutes and 49 seconds she proceeded to give me testimonial after testimonial about how great her company was, how quickly she “retired”, and how her son was making $25,000 in residual income in just three months. And she went on, and on and on and on and on! I actually started worry that she might pass out from never taking a single breath!

Fortunately, 7 minutes and 49 seconds was the limit for this woman…had to take a breath. Sheer curiosity about the depths this woman would go to try to sell her business kept me on the phone up to that point….but when she paused, I told her thank you and that I wished her the best of luck with her business.

What went wrong? Let me count the ways…

She found my website which also had my phone number. She then took it upon herself to contact me during dinnertime about joining her competing company. Not once did I indicate any desire to leave my company. Not once did I show the slightest interest in her company. Despite these facts, she chose to call me- that was Fatal Error 1.

Fatal Error 2 was not even bothering to ask me if I was even happy in my current business (which obviously I am). She made no effort to get to know me, my goals, my concerns, no attempt to build rapport with me whatsoever! How in the WORLD does she expect me to trust her, when she has shown so little concern for me? It was clear within the first 32 seconds of the phone call that she was out for one thing- HERSELF! That is no way to build a team of business owners. In fact, it is contrary to every business building principle I hold dear!

Fatal Error 3 was the fact that not only did she launch into an unsolicited sales pitch, she did so for nearly 8 minutes. She spent 8 minutes of her valuable time reciting a canned sales pitch to someone who couldn’t have cared less about what she was selling.

Fatal Error 4 was her incessant use of “hype”. I seriously doubt that someone who is making so much money that she was able to “retire” would A) have the time to waste talking to someone who didn’t even request any information on her company; and B) is so desperate for a sale that she would try to recruit people in a competing company. If the company was so great and she was so successful, she would have people joining her business like I have- 5 people, 3 days, 2 countries- 3 of which I had never spoken with prior to their joining my team.

If you are a Network Marketer you should be very careful with what you do while trying to create business for yourself and your mlm. There is a whole new science called Attraction Network Marketing that uses the internet as a tool. You can significantly improve your overall MLM business results by knowing about it. You can even create multiple streams of income while building your Network Marketing, but you’ve got to know how and what is right and what’s wrong to do.

Learn how to build your business smart by visiting: Sign up for a free course that will teach you and show you step-by-step how to market your business and get results.

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Network Marketing-Tired of the Traditional MLM Recipe?

I just read something today that really made me mad. Apparently, a highly respected veteran in the network marketing industry, sent out an e-mail that was bashing what he called “Network Marketing” gurus for teaching people the skills of self-branding and independent lead generation.

This guy said that 99% of network marketers don’t want to know about how to brand themselves in their business or learn the skill of lead generation and, he said, that people didn’t have the mental capacity to do it. I was appalled. How cynical. How insulting to the 99% of network marketers in the industry.

The ironic part of it, that this was coming from a guy sending out an email to a list of subscribers he had created through personal lead generation and self branding.

This veteran’s view was eerily similar to a guy I studied in college- Karl Marx. You may have heard of him, the Father of Communism. Karl Marx believed that people are too stupid to make their own decisions on how to spend their money. Thus, it was the job of the almighty government to tell them how to spend their money. This guy’s idea that 99% of network marketers don’t have the ability to learn how to brand themselves is not much different that Mr. Marx’s.

It doesn’t surprise me all that much though, when you think about it. This guy made his money the old-fashioned way. Talking to everyone within a 3-foot radius. He knows how tough it is to build a business that way. That’s exactly why only approximately 3% really make money in network marketing…that is…until now.

With the Internet came the ability to talk with a person across the country with the click of a mouse. With the Internet came our ability to grow a business much faster than the Veterans did. And the people who figured out how to use the Internet to achieve this feat became instant MLM leaders, and this doesn’t make the “old school” guys very happy. They are miffed that someone could build an organization equal in size to theirs in less than half the time- without cold calls, hotel meetings, and coffee appointments. So they will naysay it until the very end. They don’t want the competition for the leadership roles! Shame on them!

Considering that these folks preach from their stages in hotel meeting rooms, on conference calls, and at conventions about how their company offers the “average” person the ability to make millions. Yet, when others try to teach their distributors how to make millions, but in a different way (and a faster and much more efficient way I might add) they criticize their efforts.

If it is true that 99% of network marketers aren’t interested in self-branding (branding themselves as a leader) and generating their own leads instead of paying $5 per lead, then we’re all in trouble because the high attrition rate in network marketing will stay the same. I don’t believe that is the case at all.

Actually I believe that our industry is filled with highly motivated and innovative individuals that don’t want to be given a job to do without personal thought or insight. The “old-school” way of network marketing tells people to: Take people to a hotel meeting. Meet them at a coffee shop. Answer their objections with these canned responses. “Edify” your upline. Close them using one of 5 methods.

It’s a job. It’s not a business. If it was a business, you would be able to infuse creativity and your own thoughts into the system. If it was a business, you would be a true leader and offer truly valuable information to your downline, not the tired old recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Yes. You can get people into the business using the traditional recipe. But you have to go through the time-consuming, emotionally draining recipe thousands of times to even build a small organization. If they say 1 out of 10 will join your business…Then after talking with 100 you’ve only got 10 people. That sounds like a pretty darn inefficient way to run a business.

With Internet marketing you can become a leader just by educating yourself and helping to educate other people on how to build a business. With internet marketing, you build a group of people who trust you, and want to do business with you.

With Internet marketing you aren’t limited to talking with people in your hometown or in cities within driving distance.

With Internet marketing people come to you to learn information. Now what’s so wrong with that? Why should we be resigned to being the hunter instead of the hunted? You shouldn’t.

I believe that Internet marketing offers the ability for people to learn how to become leaders, for them to become leaders, and for them to get rewarded for their efforts in helping others.

Network marketing offers people like you and me, who don’t have hundreds of thousands or millions to invest in a brick and mortar business, the opportunity to become a millionaire within just a few years.

I believe that you have that future waiting for you.

I don’t think you are one of the 99% that he was talking about as simply needing to be told what to do because that’s all that your mind can handle. How do I know?

Because I started from nothing, and if I can attract people into my business without using the tired old recipe, so can you. If I can have multiple people join my business in just a few weeks without ever having spoken to them about my business, with just a minimal amount of internet marketing experience, so can you. I believe you can even if you don’t.


Because just a couple of months ago I was told that if I just worked diligently for a few months, I would start seeing people joining my business and coming to me asking about my business without my ever buying leads, cold-calling, or posting flyers around town. At times I didn’t think it would really work, but I held on to the hope, and it started happening. Faster than I ever imagined. So I keep that statement in mind and I get strength from it on the slow days, and so now I am passing it on to you.

There will come a day when you’ll have a thriving organization that grows without effort, and a lack of money is no longer an issue. I believe that the day will come, just a few years down the road, when you look at yourself in the mirror and say . . . “How did I get so lucky? Do I really deserve all this?”

The answer is . . . Yes you do!

And if you want to do it online I’m waiting for you so that I can teach you the REAL way to become an independent business owner and network marketing leader, not the traditional old recipe of pestering everyone in your path, but instead one where you rise up as a leader, help others attain their dreams, while at the same time attaining your own.

Click here to get started!

To Your Success!


Roxana is Internet Attraction Marketing Coach. She is teaching Network Marketers from many different companies how to attract prospects to them and create a cash flow while building their MLM business. Roxana works with network marketers who seek a crash course in this new attraction-based marketing model. You’ll obtain the tools and know-how that get your team up and running fast while positioning you as the expert.  If you’re not attracting more prospects than you can follow up with—who want to partner with you—contact Roxana through: and


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How Could You Ever Achieve Success In Network Marketing?

Success in network marketing comes from taking the time to learn how to market your business effectively, it’s all about marketing. If you don’t know how to properly market your business, nothing will ever change.

I have read multiple network marketing eBooks, but my favorite one is The Renegade Network Marketer by Ann Sieg. After reading this book, I learned all about the powerful psychology behind the “attraction marketing” strategies that would later help me to attract prospects to me.

What is attraction marketing? Briefly, is the concept that by providing value and solutions to other people’s needs, prospects will be attracted to you and they will contact you to join your business.

Are you fed up with having the frustration of calling leads and bothering family and friends? Are you tired of watching others succeed while you don’t? If you want to learn how to build your business effectively there is system that can teach you and guide you how do it. You can build your business with quality prospects who come to you who already know network marketing and are searching for a business opportunity.

Once I found The Renegade Network Marketer eBook, they explained that if I worked persistently for a few months, I would begin to see people joining my business. I was told that people would inquire about my business and I would not have to purchase any leads, make cold calls, or pester friends and family. There were times when I wasn’t sure that it would work, but I didn’t give up and it started to happen. My downline increased tremendously; it grew faster than I could have ever dreamed possible. I never approached any of these prospects, they contacted me for information.

One year ago, I faced one rejection after the next while going down my list of 100 warm market prospects. Yesterday, a lady called me to let me know that she was joining my business. This is something that I experience regularly now.

To start building in attraction marketing  visit:

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